MK Luxury Realty Agent Referral Program 

Only $199. NO Board or MLS fees! Make it Active today!

Make it Active!

Are you ready to make some money from your TREC license? Only $199 and NO MLS or Board Fees.

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Why Should You Have Your License Active with MK?

Be professional and make money sending referrals! Show up "Active" on TREC.

Get Paid for Referrals anywhere in USA

What is the Referral Program? The MK Referral Agent Program allows you to keep your TREC license "Active" and pay NO BOARD or MLS fees. 

Money Struggles Make money by sending referrals all over the USA.

What if I have a Buyer or Seller? You can move your license at any time over to our other brokerage and join the MLS and board. At our other brokerage we are members of many MLSs and Boards including Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Start Sending Referrals

How much is this program? You pay only $199 yearly. NO MLS and NO Board Fees. You pay a $20 transfer fee to TREC. Transfer any time to our other brokerage or one of your choosing.

Testimonials. . .

Here's what a couple of our amazing agents have said.

"I'm so happy I transferred my license to MK Luxury Realty. Now I don't have to pay the high board membership fees every year. So excited!"

Maddie K. - Real Estate Agent

"MK Luxury Realty Referral Program is the best thing ever! No more MLS or Board fees! I can send referrals to other agents all over the US and make money doing it!"

Rachael C. - Real Estate Agent  

MK Luxury Realty Story:  

Hi I'm Margie! MK Luxury Realty Referral Program started because my daughters (real estate agents) were going to college and did not want to pay MLS and Board Membership fees. The Referral Program keeps their licenses active so they can make money sending referrals. They say "necessity is the mother of invention"!  

If someone looks you up on TREC be listed as "Active." Make money simply by sending referrals to other agents and referring friends to apartments. I am happy to answer any questions about the program! MK

Margie Kaplan, Broker, CRS,CIPS,CLHMS,SRES,RSPS